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Buying with us

Congratulations! You have decided to buy a home

Maybe this is your first home, maybe you have a growing family and are moving into something bigger, or maybe you’re about to retire and become an empty-nester. Regardless of your stage in life, buying a home is a significant financial commitment, and we’ll be here to guide you in the right direction through every step!

We’re not just helping you find a house, we’re helping you find that house you can make a home


Our Process

Let's Meet

First order of  business is getting together at our office, a local coffee shop, or even at your current home, to ensure you get a chance to see if we’d be the right fit for you. This is usually 45 minutes and gives us that fantastic opportunity to get to know each other and everything about your wants and needs in a home


Not sure whether to use a bank or mortgage brokerage for your mortgage? We can make recommendations and connect you with some professionals to get your mortgage financing together.

House Shopping

Once you’ve been in touch with a mortgage professional and they’ve given you your pre-approval, you are now ready to start shopping for a home! Lets meet to discuss your approval amount and where you’d like to start looking. Excited? Us too!

Show Time

This is it. We have found the home you want to purchase! You’re so happy with the home and are already visioning your room, how you’d configure your living space, and you’re ready to write up an offer…. This is when it gets even more exciting.


We will prepare all the forms needed for us to submit an offer. As a team, we will discuss our negotiation strategy to ensure you get this home for what you want it for, within market value with a timeline that best suits you! (financing and property inspection dates, possession day, etc.) You’re probably thinking whats a financing condition, property inspection condition.. what are conditions? We’ll make sure you know exactly what these are leading up to this time, from start to sold.

We will go through all the details of the contract together with you before submitting it to the seller’s agent. 

We will make sure the negotiations with the seller you will be fully informed and can make dicisions in a stress free and informed manner.

Subject Removal

Our offer has been accepted, we now need to get the final approval for the mortgage,  and inspect the property to make sure there are no issues that need to be addressed by the current owner.

Our Brokerage will hold the deposit in a trust account and will only release it once the contract is finalized by lawyers

We will be in contact with your mortgage broker or bank officer, will arrange for extensions if needed and prepare and submit the legal documents once we have the go ahead.

We will arrange for a property inspection, review the report with you, make any changes to the contract and prepare and submit the subject removal once you are satisfied with the inspection and any needed repair work by the current owners.


With military like precision, we’ve achieved our objective. It doesn’t end there though. The buying process can be intense and lengthy, so we will stand by your side and offer additional continued services and answer any questions you may have so that you feel comfortable all the way through. We said we’d be there from Start-To-Sold, and we meant it! Now lets work to remove those conditions.


Now that we have a done deal, subjects have been removed, we need the lawyers to make it official. Bank documents and title transfers are all done at this time. We have long standing relationships with established law firms we can refer you to, unless you have one you’ve worked with previously..

Moving Day

Moving time! you never know, we may drop by with pizza to give you a hand and moral support!

Key Release

Once we receive key release from the lawyers involved, we will be there with you to do a final walk-through of your new home, make sure its in the condition all parties agreed too, inclusions are still here, all keys we asked for have been left behind for you, (secondary door keys, garage keys, shed keys, mail keys, all of the keys!) We will then facilitate a key hand off to you, the new owners!


We did it. We have successfully helped you buy your home and made the process/experience something to remember. With every successful sale there is always a reason to celebrate. *insert our happy dance here* With every possession with your permission, we like to take a possession day photo for us to remember all the wonderful clients we’ve had the pleasure of working for, and its a nice little keepsake for you, too! 

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