Unique characters and clever, tongue-in-cheek commentary on broader issues such as climate change and feminism characterize House and Home, a comical play about the shift towards short-term rentals in Vancouver.

Short-term rentals, a general term used to describe the AirBnB service, are becoming a lucrative alternative to conventional rental options (fixed term and periodic tenancies), essentially allowing homeowners to become their own hotels, an Uber for homes, if you will. The chaotic and brief nature of these stays attract a broad spectrum of personalities, which can range from mundane to extremely eccentric, and the latter, naturally, is so well represented in House and Home.

Punctuated by increasingly hyperbolic and comical updates of average rental prices in Vancouver, House and Home takes all the above and, in an incredibly well acted and clever manner, puts on a real show depicting the finer details of life in Vancouver.

What a pleasure it was to see a play that so expertly brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry. Though it is presently not showing at the Firehall Arts Center, should the opportunity arise to attend, go, go go!