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selling with us

Whether this is your first time or you are a seasoned seller

Our tools, and our resources will help you every step of the way. Our local expertise lets us value properties right the first time. Get the best price in the shortest time and save yourself that awful headache. We’ll get the job done quickly, carefully, and efficiently. Offering free-no-obligation market evaluations give you the opportunity to meet us and see if we’d be a good fit for selling your home.

our process

House Visit

First order of business is getting together at your property to ensure we have all the information on the home. This is usually 45 minutes and gives us that fantastic opportunity to get to know each other and everything about your home.

Right Price

Having the price right is by far the most important factor for a speedy sale while maximising the final sale price. We just have the most innovative pricing tools so you are ahead off the market not the other way around.

Target Market

Identifying the groups of buyers who are the potentional pool of buyers for your house is our next step. This will affect how we present the listing on different website, the color themes we use, the description of the property and the social media platform to focus on.


We want your property to be presented in the best possible light. We will share with you a list of  repairs or touches that will help sell your house faster and maximise the sale price. We can also put you in contact with professionals who can help.


Marketing Ingredients

The house is ready, we have our marketing plan, it’s time to work on all the elements we need for our plan. Professional photos, video trailers, professional measurment, 3D tours and property websites. Depending on the property, this will takes from one to few days.


If you see a truck outside your house it’s our sign guy who has stopped by to intstall the for sale lawn sign.


Everything is ready for the house to be listed on Paragon (the realor only MLS). We will also send the listing to our database and KW agents before it goes public.Within 24 hours it will appear on and tens of other sites.


Time to set you up with your Paragon portal so you can have instant direct access to all the activity on your property. How many times it has been emailed, viewed, marked as favorite by potentail buyers. You will know if there are new listings similar to yours or any of the comparable listings were sold.

Show Time

After everything is online and we’ve tested all the links, we send you an email for you to preview. We then ask for your feedback or suggestions to make sure all the information and spelling is correct…. This is when it gets even more exciting.

Social Media Launch

We have defined our target buyers and it’s time know to hit the social media. Our ads are designed to connect with potential buyers. We are not after likes or imprssions! Share the listing on all the social media you are part of and ask you friends to do it too. We love to have your help. Let’s make it go viral.

Open House

All the buzz we create during the week is pushed towards the first REALTOR® & Public Open Houses. Finding potential buyers and capitalizing on the interest is key to attracting an offer during this time frame.

By this time hundereds of potential buyers have seen the poroperty on variuos sites. It’s time for Realtor (during the week )and public open houses on the weekend.

Offer Time

We provide potential buyers with all documentation needed to submit offers. As a team, we will discuss our negotiation strategy to ensure you receive top dollar for your home, with a timeline that best suits you!

Subject Removal

 We have an accepted offer but there are a few more steps to go. We will make sure that the deposit has been received, the inspection is done and the subjects are removed on time. Sometimes there are more negitiations or timeline changes but we will stand by your side, answer all your questions and make the process stress free.


With military like precision, we’ve achieved our objective. It doesn’t end there though. The selling process can be intense and lengthly, so we will stand by your side and offer additional continued services and answer any questions you may have so that you feel comfortable all the way through. We said we’d be there from Start-To-Sold, and we meant it!


Now that we have a done deal, we need the lawyers to make it official. Bank documents and title transfers are all done at this time. We have long standing relationships with established law firms we can refer you to, unless you have one you’ve worked with previously.

Moving Time

Now its time to start packing and preparing to move. Depending on the agreed upon possession date, we can help make sure you are 100% ready prior too.

Key Release

Once you are out and moved on, we will be there to do a final walk-through and collect all raw keys from you. (Door keys, garage keys, shed keys, mail keys, all of the keys!) We will then facilitate a key hand off to the new buyers and make sure all parties are happy!


We did it. We have successfully helped you sell your home and made the process/experience something to remember. With every successful sale there is always a reason to celebrate. *insert our happy dance here*

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